Introducing Lotte Keene


Mark Roger Bailey, author of the biogenetic mystery, SAINT, returns with an exciting new novel about Lotte Keene, a biological detective who has had enough of government bureaucracy at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and resigns, but learns that she can never escape.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9899406-6-5

ISBN-13: 978-0-9899406-6-5

After surviving a horrific outbreak in the Amazonian jungle, she returns home only to be pulled into the infinite mystery of a new, still more lethal killer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Here for the first time in her forensic biology career she confronts a pathogen so potent and lethal that it seems unnatural. 

Giant Sequoia trees on the western slopes of California’s Sierra Nevada mountains have been growing there since before the fall of Imperial Rome, more than 1,000 years before Vikings discovered North America. Masters of this corner of planet Earth, no other living thing can match them for their size and strength. They have survived lightning strikes, outlasted fire in their dense bark and endured every wave of natural disaster and human exploitation imaginable. Now, something in California’s Thunder Peak old-growth forest is killing everyone who comes to harm them. Loggers and hunters are struck dead in their tracks when they get too close. No one has a clue about what is causing sudden death among the trees' tormentors, except Lotte Keene, who knows more about nature – including human nature – than is healthy for her and anyone who works with her. 

She also discovers secrets in the forested mountains that no one wants to know.

Lotte Keene is about to rewrite the rules of biogenetic science and cross the thin red, white and blue line between American principle and power. Beyond These Woods.


Hoping this book is one of a series. The story was engrossing and led me along its trail of secrets. Yosemite to government secret labs to tree hugging hippies to powerful CEOs. This story has it all. Bravo! Looking for his next title.

- Suzanne Evans, NC

This is a very strong piece of original writing . . . a real page turner.

- Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Reviewer

Excellent book. * * * * *

Had me hooked from the start. Lotte Keene is a smart, clever and fearless detective tracking down a biological killer in the woods. The story is a real page turner.

I hope this is just the first book with Lotte Keene.

- Audrey Calpis, Goodreads

Lotte Keene overheard . . .

  • "Nature shares every secret once . . ."

  • "... language reflects our biological arrogance. 'CELL Phone.' Machinery has taken on biological meaning."

  • "When one group abuses another, they may succeed for a time with more ruthlessness. Eventually, the oppressed respond."

  • "We are learning. What was science fiction just five years ago is now science."


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