Mark is an award-winning writer, photographer, creative director and communications specialist in the entertainment communications capital of the world, Los Angeles. He works internationally, creating projects that open lifelong conversations with curious minds. Literary fiction, novels, advertising copy, branding, taglines, and images that are beautiful, seductive, smart and communicative. Mark believes that getting an idea on the page, stage or screen is fun and among the lesser of the creative’s worries. Story is the thing, the work of art. Weaving together meaning from facts, personal narrative, aspiration, intention, action and reaction is where the magic happens. 

Mark Roger Bailey: [märk rŏj'ər bā•li] - pron; 1. author - BEYOND THESE WOODS (novel) and SAINT (novel); 2. writer - short fiction; 3. photographer - art, maritime, marine, wildlife, nature; 4. screenwriter - Public Figures, Private Moments (PBS); Collection of AmericanaHollywood Gets MADD (TBS);  5. director - Public Figures Private Moments (PBS); Louis Vuitton Challenger Cup 1986 (ESPN/ABC/ITN); America's Cup 1987 (ESPN/ABC); 350 national television commercials;  6. creative director;  7. senior copywriter.

Mark Roger Bailey writes novels about the complex and at times paradoxical interplay between science and institutions, such as religion, governments, and human belief systems. These themes are at the heart of his books. Thought-provoking and cinematic are descriptions that have been used to describe his award-winning work. His novels, SAINT and BEYOND THESE WOODS, are such tales.

His force of thought on subjects ranging from science to religion and the human dramas and tragedies in between illuminates the very real complexities of navigating our world. His novels epitomize the techno-thriller genre of literature, exploring technology and failures of human interaction with it, especially involving biotechnological complications and their unintended ripple effects in other areas of human activity. Much of his work has medical or scientific underpinnings, reflecting his early medical documentary cinematography training as a graduate student and his work in advanced technology as a writer-director-producer on military, medical, aeronautical, marine and environmental studies projects on three continents.

As a journalist and filmmaker, Mark was recruited by ABC Sports for on-air college football and Olympics commentary, appeared as spokesman in regional and national advertising campaigns, and performed voiceover narration for documentaries and public service announcements. After a three-year stint as a writer-producer-director and creative director for a national advertising agency, he formed the creative consultancy MBCI to develop high-profile international creative projects including video and film coverage of yachtsman Dennis Conner's successful Stars & Stripes 87 America's Cup campaign to win the Cup back from Australia.

He went on to write, produce and direct projects in Australia, England, Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland and Ireland, researching stories that captured the imagination.

A concept specialist and award-winning creative writer, Mark has created scores of high-profile advertising, marketing, entertainment and Internet projects for clients including VISA, American Airlines, Chevrolet, National Geographic, Time-LIFE, and Major League Baseball

He also worked as a creative strategist and writer at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Columbia TriStar Home Video, marketing popular movies Men in BlackLegends of the FallA Few Good MenDas BootJerry Maguire and others.

Recently, he managed the launch of actor and environmentalist Robert Redford’s Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability and announcement of Pitzer College's Fossil Fuels Divestment Initiative. Mark Roger Bailey is also an award-winning nature, wildlife and editorial photographer.

He serves as vice president of communications, marketing and public relations at one of the most selective liberal arts colleges in the United States. He and his wife live in Southern California.

Mark is currently at work launching his tall ships art photography collection and continuing work on his next novel.



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