Glimmer of Hope

An author-friend published in Glimmertrain.  She described it as a positive experience, the best she had had after years of publishing in newspapers and regionals.  She also credited publication of her story in Glimmertrain with helping her get a good NY agent and three years of promising work on a novel and anthology of short non-fiction. A colleague who learned that I had published a novel just shared a short story she'd written about a catastrophe averted. Her writing engages with a voice that is confident, yet doesn't take itself seriously. She set the tone in the first sentence, kept her contract with the reader, and revealed surprises along the way.  It was good getting to know this new dimension of someone I have come to know in layers, like a character in a novel.  I suggested that if she had not already done so she take a look at Glimmertrain and consider submitting her story there.

She just stopped by for coffee and said that she had visited and decided to submit to the sisters in Portland.  Here's hoping.

UPDATE:  31 August 2009

My story, "Robert's Rules of Order," did not win, place, or show. Neither did my friend's story. Eager to read the winning entries, discover some new writers, and learn what worked for the judges. Onward.